Bobby's Bicycle Repair and Sales will treat your bike as if it were our own. Our bicycle technicians can service ANY make or model, and we will gladly give you a complimentary estimate before doing any work on your beloved machine. Feel free to contact us anytime for questions about our bicycle maintenance and repair services.

Our Service

With every new season and new year, comes positive affirmations of health wellness. Let us help by servicing your bike to get you on the road to a healthier new you.

Tune-ups starting from $50 to $90.

Our Specialties are:

• Inspections
• Adjustments
• Tune-Ups
• Tire Changes & Repairs
• Brake Maintenance
• Part Replacement

At An Affordable Price.

Tune-ups are the most requested service for bicycles

Safety Check - mini tune-up $50

inspect all components and make minor adjustment if necessary

inspect and torque all nuts and bolts (fasteners)

inspect wheels, tires and tubes

Standard Tune-up $75

safety check plus:

full wheel true (front & rear)

wipe down bicycle

adjust headset, hubs & bottom bracket

Major Tune-up $75

standard tune-up plus:

wash frame

degrease frame and drivetrain

installation of parts and accessories purchased at Bobby's Bicycle Repair

replace cables and housing

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