Meet Our Staff

Zena - Administrative

Jay - Bicycle and Mobile Technician

Bobby - Bicycle Technician

About Us - Our Story

Established in 2013, Bobby's Bicycle Repair and Sales (BBR) began with an oak tree in Zena's Front yard and a bike dangling from a tree limb that Bobby was repairing. From that day BBR was built on a passion and a love of bicycles. When Bobby met Zena, (now his wife) in 2010, she convinced him to turn his passion into a business. Bobby's Bicycle Repair and Sales prides itself on Giving quality service to families and communities that are not able to afford high end bicycles and high-end repair cost.

Our aim is to be exceptional at what we do, and always put our customers first, by educating everyone on the technical aspects of the bicycle.

Our Philosophy

We constantly strive to offer quality service and expertise to exceed our customers' expectations.

Our Experience

We have over 12 years of bike repair and service experience. We are constantly updating our repair skill by attending free bicycle maintenance clinics throughout Georgia.

Our Excursions

We travel all over Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas to service our customers. We also deliver bicycles (for a small trip fee) to those who are not fortunate enough to have a vehicle.